April 28, 2016 Korea

Eclair by Garu Haru: Seoul's Finest
Non-smokers friendly

Phone Number: +82 2 337-8090

Address: 247-9 Itaewon 2(i)-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea ( 12PM - 8PM)

Website: http://www.garuharu.com/

Price Range: 10-20 $

And the world's eclair craze continues. After Fauchon and Un Eclair de Genie in France and Choux D'enfer in London comes Éclair in Seoul. Eclairs have dedicated shops and people love this.


Éclair is your address for the best eclair in Seoul. French finesse comes to the Korean capital offering a selection of many eclairs with an Asian touch. They look the same as the ones in Europe and even taste as good as their siblings. 

Loved the shop and its class, the eclairs and their finesse, the taste and its sharpness.

The dough is a masterpiece, a very thin dough filled from the bottom in those fingers of dough. Adequate sweetness, enjoyable texture and taste.


The four Eclairs I tried:

  • Yogurt: Covered with a white frosting and sprinkled with coconut, the tender and thin eclair dough is filled from the bottom with yogurt cream. Acidic yogurt with a light sweetness. A new approach to eclairs, intense and not your conventional créme patissiere. Enjoyment comes next...
  • Yuzu: This is where things started to become serious. A tender and thin dough filled with an explosion of zesty flavors. Strong lemon, intense zest, light creaminess, equilibrated sweetness. That's a good one indeed.
  • Jardin de fraises: With an open face, this one is filled from top, loaded with cream and decorated with strawberries. Crunchy strawberries and kind of a caramel coffee flavor that marries well with those fresh fruits. A perfect combination.
  • Best for last, the eclair decorated with a chocolate sheet, a light chocolate that's not bitter nor dark like the name suggests but has no sweetness whatsoever. It is indeed unique, smooth, tasty and light on the palate. The finesse of a master craftsman is shown in this eclair.


Éclair brings this French signature to Seoul and it works.





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