October 06, 2016 San Francisco California USA Americas

Smitten: Nitrogen Ice Cream and Crunchy Waffles
Sweet Tooth

Smitten, in San Francisco, looks like a chemistry lab where nitrogen flows around the place in pipes, machines rolling and producing ice cream à la minute, actually a la minute and a half bit using fresh seasonal ingredients, organic milk and fruits... Walk in and get mesmerized by a concept that makes ice cream from scratch in front of your eyes...



Smitten is inspirational. The place is small and looks more like a stand than am actual shop where neon lights, red signs and wood finish inspire modernity and freshness.

With ice cream in its bones, this shop was crafted to churn scoops to-order for locals and out-of-towners alike, who flock to the Marina all year long. Installed on a lofted mezzanine, the liquid nitrogen tank reigns majestically over the heads of hungry ice cream eaters and is flanked by exposed cement walls and a colorful graffiti-inspired mural.


You have six flavors to choose from served in a cone or waffle cup and toppings. As easy as it looks I was introduced to the concept and was helped to make an order. In the short using liquid nitrogen freezes the ice cream in less than a minute, which means there are much smaller ice crystals than ice cream that’s churned and the result are super-smooth and very, very creamy. 

In September, Crème fraîche/Pear Caramel is their seasonal flavor. Three balls in a cup of waffle, creamy ice cream, almonds sprinkled on top and chocolate sauce. It's enjoyable to the last drop. I loved its smoothness. Bravo. The waffle is the best part, biscuit crunchy and addictive.

I also tried the Tcho 60.5% Chocolate with spicy Camelia and crunchy almonds on top. This is an intense chocolate ice cream with salty notes. Nothing like you have tried before.

I hope someone gets this franchise to the Middle East. It's so good, addictive and professional.


Suitable For: Sweet Tooth





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