February 16, 2017 Jounieh Keserwan Lebanon Middle East

Abou'l Ward: A Sandwich Kiosk in Jounieh (Restaurant Closed)

On my way up to the North, I felt hungry and decided to stop by Abou'l Ward. I have been here before and enjoyed their sandwiches. Abou'l Ward is a small kiosk on Jounieh’s highway after Joson's, facing La Cité. A traditional Lebanese coffee jug, Arabic music and sandwiches, as simple as it is, I like it here.


On the menu, choose one of their Mezza choices, grill station plates, sandwiches and desserts.

The red colors of the place attract you. The simplicity of the place will make you feel comfortable and the prices are reasonable.

Some details I loved include the metallic grills suspended down from the ceiling, free coffee offered to every new comer, the metal ring game we used to play at the village kermesse, the black and white seats and the bar facing the busy highway.

Kabbab sandwiches are their speciality... very tender meat. Make sure not to leave without indulging in their charcoal Nutella.


Good sandwiches; generously filled, soft bread and good flavors. A bit too much bread for me however as I expected to taste more ingredients inside. I tried the makanek in a brioche bread, all kinds of kabbab and the fries. Good sandwiches but again... too much bread!

I loved the fries, golden fries that were soft inside out. Cooked to perfection and well salted, they taste great with all their sandwiches.

Now for the Nutella! Thin flat bread generously spread with Nutella, sliced bananas and nuts. Nutella that's warm - not cooked - ripe bananas, crunchy and airy bread.


I enjoyed a quick bite before continuing my trip to the village of Qartaba, up North.





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