June 18, 2015 Tripoli North Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Al Danoun, Tripoli: Serving Breakfast Since 1950

Many say Al Danoun is the best in Tripoli. Opened in 1950 the place has been serving hungry Tripolitans ever since. Al Danoun sits next to the fortress facing Abou Ali River. Under the stone arcades is a busy team preparing one plate after plate at the speed of light... Foul, hummus, malysiia and fatteh. Generous plates, filled to top.


Breakfast at Al Danoun is good, really good. Chickpeas cooked to perfection create a one of kind plate of hummus reflecting the authenticity and knowhow of this city. I loved the taste and surely the consistency of this hummus where every ingredient is felt distinctively and it doesn't contain garlic.

A great foul, what makes it special is its amazing tenderness. So smooth, no envelope and some real flavors within. The olive oil quality is good. As for the maltsiiyah, it's so good, fresh and generous and those crunchy nuts on top make it a plate one should try.

The fatteh is made from tender chickpeas and Laban with the same nuts fried in gee.

I enjoyed the vibes this historical spot gives off... I enjoyed the experience and appreciate the man's generosity, as he wouldn't let me pay... Thank you.


But I honestly preferred the flavors down in the old souks.

Al Danoun Tripoli +961-6-438844





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