December 14, 2013 Lebanon Middle East

2013: Lebanon's Best Gourmet Burgers

Burgers were one of the things that boomed this year. Although this good old meal has been around a very long time, it seems that the burger concept has gone through a revolution. A great deal of restaurants have included their special burger plate on their menu. Each one is served differently adding a whole new dimension to the way we enjoy our burgers - sight satisfaction first then comes the taste...


The Grill Room is a place I would take any good friend out for exquisite food. It was my best friend’s birthday and what better way to celebrate it than take him somewhere, where good food and good wine are served by a professional and smiling staff… I’ve already been to The Grill Room at »more…


BRGR.Co: Not for the Faint Hearted

After such a long time, I finally went back to BRGR. Co., but this time, I headed down to their new branch at the Beirut Souks. I was happily surprised to see a positive change to one of my favourite places in town. The last time I was there, at their Achrafieh’s branch, BRGR.Co served »more… Brgr_Co_Beirut_Souks_Burger_Restaurant_Diner75 Frosty Palace: Discover Lebanon’s Ultimate Burger Place
This year has been intense with the burger mania, at least for me… After trying so many burgers this year, going back to the best was inevitable. I went to Frosty Palace just to remind my taste buds of where all the good things first started. On this famous night of when everyone was awaiting »more… Frosty_Palace_Best_Burger_Beirut54 SUD… A Must Visit: La Cour Saint Michel Will Put a Smile on Your Face It was truly love at first sight, the minute I laid eyes on SUD. A restaurant that’s really special in so many ways is the same that has set a name for itself this summer in Lebanon… A place that’s fully booked every day, no matter what the situation. This stands for something – good food, good ambiance, nice set up, original flavours and more importantly passionate people behind a unique concept that has gained success in Lebanon’s culinary scene. Sud_Mar_Mikhael_Restaurant_Beirut59 Bar Tartine: Majestic Food in a Charming Atmosphere A couple of weeks ago, visiting La Cour Saint Michel, I discovered Bar Tartine by pure coincidence. A new place which was still closed at that time. I couldn’t but stand in awe in front of this unique concept that has quickly become a point for many in just a little time. Tartine Bakery gave me an idea of what the Bar concept would entail. The group behind this concept has a promising potential – creating a nice ambiance, offering good food all in the honor of friendship and good times. Bar_Tartine_Cour_Saint_Michel_Beirut68 The Happy Prince… The Burger Everybody Talks About
The minute I came back from Paris and put my Lebanese phone chip into the phone, I received two messages from a friend. As a follower of NGNO and a friend who knows I am always on the lookout to try new burgers and hopefully find amazing ones; he suggested I go visit The Happy »more… The_Happy_Prince_Mar_Mikhael41 Visiting BlackRock Restaurant and Lounge Again
BlackRock Restaurant; located in the Soho-esque Mar Mikael area of Beirut; is the first of its kind not only locally but internationally. The black facade welcomes you into a shiny U-shaped bar where a unique jazzy atmosphere welcomes both the young and the old crowd alike, looking for a unique concept in town. Opened for »more… BlackRock_Restaurant_Mar_Mikhael_Beirut_Lebanon56 The Social Restaurant: Socialize While Eating Tasty and Creative Food
A new urban and lifestyle  hotel, Smallville, has opened its doors in Badaro and with it comes a whole new meaning to socializing over food, drinks, coffee… An interesting concept within the hotel called The Social, which expands from a bar, the lobby area where cakes and coffees can be enjoyed, a sit-in restaurant secluded »more…
The Gathering: Butcher Grill
After trying the Italian corner at the Gathering I went to try the Butcher Grill so as to have a full experience of the perfect Gathering trio. The Butcher Grill is the first restaurant on the left as we walk pass by the Gathering gate. It’s a trendy place with writings on the ceiling, an »more… Camera 360





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