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Al Sayad: Tripoli's Famous Fish Sandwiches
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Half a century old, Al Sayad sits a few meters after the Groupy roundabout in Al Mina, Tripoli. Come meet Ayoub Nakhle, the owner, who welcomes you to his little heaven.


Fresh grilled fish, spicy fish, fried mini Bizri fish, batrakh, calamari and octopus are on the menu... the prices vary on a daily basis according to availability.

The owner being a bit old, sits outside while one tireless man rolls those tasty sandwiches. Two layers of bread, vegetables, fresh fish caught the same day, lemon juice and salt. The simplicity behind those sandwiches make them what they are: Special and tasty.

A one door shop decorated with treasures from the sea where a single menu welcomes you. No sophistication and no complication, you are offered the catch of the day.



  • The grilled fish is flavorful, with a quality of fish that's inconsistent. Sometimes it's good and other times it might be dry. Ask for more lemon and the issue is solved.


  • Spicy fish sandwich served with lettuce, tomatoes and fries with a load of lemon juice wrapped in a Lebanese sandwich. What an amazing creation, what a good fish sandwich. Shredded fish mixed with spices, spread on a sandwich, lemon to add a rich flavor and those fresh vegetables. It's so fresh and unique, different from the commercial version made famous on the waterfront.
  • Octopus. Tender, grilled octopus with lemon juice, tomatoes and lettuce with three fingers of fries.


  • Samak Bizri: Tomatoes, fries, lemon juice, fried fish and lettuce. That's a good one, a very good one. The fish is not dry and has nice textures, a light crunch while the add-ons make of it a juicy and sweet sandwich.


A fish sandwich in Tripoli, this is a place I recommend.





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