October 26, 2020 Dubai UAE GCC Middle East

Allo Beirut: Showcasing Lebanese Street Food in Dubai

Do you miss Lebanon or feel like traveling back for a day without leaving Dubai? Allo Beirut is the answer. Inspired by Beirut’s old streets and our childhood’s nostalgic experiences, Allo Beirut provides you with the cheapest ticket home.


Walk the streets of Beirut, enjoy the balconies, the old wooden windows, creative wall graffiti, and plunge into a fine traditional culinary experience the old local way.

Order a Shawarma, hummus, Mashawi, grilled chicken, Manakish or a Lebanese dessert... everything is made to order, ready to impress.


Simple food, no complication, and no twist; enjoy Lebanon in every bite!

I love it here and will recommend it to all my friends.


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