February 25, 2013

Apple Store's First Lebanese Sushi Restaurant Application

While enjoying lunch at Ginger&Co. this week, I discovered a funky and creative Sushi application. Download the "QR Code reader" - An application everyone of us should have handy- and scan from the placemat the code that installs the restaurant's application on your iPhone.
I simply fell in love with this application that I had to share it with you. It's a funky application yet very simple where you can choose your order by section and see your plate filling up piece after piece.
Items are divided into three distinctive categories: Pieces, platters and dessert.
When the order  is done, all you have to do is call the restaurant and read your choice like all other applications around town do. The only restaurant with an online ordering system is Burger King with its new application that was launched as a premiere in the Middle East region.
Enjoying  some premium Sushi from home is couple of clicks away.
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