July 25, 2015 New York USA Americas

Au Bon Pain: The Double Chocolate Cupcake

A franchise, boasting many locations around New York, Au Bon Pain serves breakfast, lunch and dinner offering a selection of sandwiches and viennoiseries along with doughnuts and cupcakes. You’ll also find a stand for fruits, drinks, an island for soup and another stand for ready-made sandwiches.


The staff is not the most welcoming and the food is not the finest you can find, but the prices are reasonable, especially if you’re looking to enjoy a quick bite, a hot sandwich, or something sweet.

The place is wide and bright, a high ceiling in a restaurant painted in white with a live cooking station on one side and the readymade display on the other. 

The eggs and cheddar on ciabatta looks amazing in the photo until you receive it. A full sandwich with eggs in the middle and a layer of cheese: A lightly chewy ciabatta with a moist egg in the middle. Nothing extraordinary about it, but fine for a morning meal.

Au Bon Pain's famous rolled bread sandwich filled with egg whites, a slice of avocado and lemon sauce contains, I discovered after biting into it, garlic. Very gooey and the garlic flavor is too strong for a morning meal. 

Very average food but wait until you've tried their chocolate cupcake.


The double chocolate cupcake is to die for. A molten moist juicy heart of cake topped with an amazing chocolate frosting that's tender like whipped cream. I've had cupcakes and this one is surely one of my favorites. It's so good, so tender and the chocolate taste leaves an after note that will put a smile on your face. 

The cheese and strawberry croissant has a commercial quality and taste but is not too bad despite that.

PS: They don't have restrooms here!  

Come here for the double chocolate cupcake and the double chocolate cupcake only.





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