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Boulangerie Beurre: Passionately Handmade Bread in Beirut
Non-smokers friendly

Picture this: a full bodied, dense, warm and moist piece of bread with a thin and crunchy crust... I delved into one, one bite after another enjoying its texture, smoothness and fresh aromas. To add that extra oomph, spread some Beurre D'Isigny and expect to enjoy every bite even more...

This morning, I enjoyed locally baked, fresh and warm bread with French butter. 


I heard about Boulangerie Beurre but I didn't expect to enjoy their bread that much.

It all started when I tasted their exceptional potato bread at Skirt. A message from a homemade bakery followed thanking me for liking their creations. Enjoying a calm Monday morning at the clinic, a bread basket landed on my desk. I grabbed my camera, a knife and savored the moment. 

Bread from Boulangerie Beurre is like nothing Lebanon has tasted before. The rich aromas ignite your taste buds: the bread is beautifully handcrafted, with a rich heart, and a superbly thin and crunchy crust.

With the three bread selection comes butter, one of the world's best butter brands, Beurre D'Isigny doux and demi-sel which are easy to spread. A tiny baguette enjoyably crunchy like a biscuit, the big pain de campagne like loaf and mini buns, and the ones I've previously tried. Yummy!


The best part about their bread is its long lasting flavor that lingers in your mouth even when you have finished. You can really feel the passion, hard work and dedication put into every bite.

Bravo... a hundred times! I'll be passing by for more soon... especially to try their croissant!





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