November 29, 2019 Switzerland Europe

Auer Chocolate Celebrates 80 Years of Passion in Geneva
Non-smokers friendly

Auer is an institution in the field of the Geneva chocolate factory. It was in 1939 that the family business settled in the heart of the city, Rue de Rive. Proud of their heritage, The members of the Auer family have been passionate about chocolate for five generations. Over the years, The Auer boutique has become an inescapable place in the city of Geneva


The Auer cafe: It’s an old place, traditional place, mirrors on the side, leather sofas where everyone sits together. A bizarre kind of cafe visited by an accustomed and local clientele. People come here, grab a bite, have a hot chocolate and continue. The lady, wearing her day clothes and a woman’s bag walks around the tables serving everyone. It’s simple, there is no menu, people coming here know what to order. On the tables, home Tupperware proposes pain au lait sandwiches like the ones we used to eat at birthdays during our childhood days. 


Excellent hot chocolate is served here. Homemade intensely aromatic and flavorful hot chocolate. Served in a big cup, a layer of chocolate topped with hot milk and a mountain of foam. Stir and enjoy it. I’ve rarely had a hot chocolate that is so balanced and not sweet. Sip it and enjoy... it takes over the mouth, fills it and flows smoothly through your throat leaving pleasant flavors around for minutes.

One of Geneva’s iconic stops: grab a hot chocolate at Auer.





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