August 20, 2013

Avoid the Mess: Walkthrough to Cupcake Etiquette Eating

Well! Having a cupcake dessert in fine dining venue is kind of rare, or up until now this popular dessert worldwide has not found its place on the dessert menu of high end restaurants. But why not? Maybe the way it's eaten is not classy enough? Cupcake_NoGarlicNoOnions1 We can’t deny the fact that these cute “overpriced” colorful cakes call us to buy them as we crave for their taste. They are displayed beautifully in fancy bakeries, who can resist them. With the pace of it's booming popularity worldwide and in Lebanon, I wouldn't be surprised if I did see it soon on the menu where it can be served on a silver plate, maybe with a touch of added value like gold leaf flakes and others... Whether you’re a sweet toothed person, someone craving for a chocolate treat after a stressful day or just someone cheating on his diet, the main common problem is summed up to one: How to eat a cupcake without smudging your face with its frosting and icing! Well at least in public: What you do alone, and how you choose to eat it at home is your own business. We leave you to your imagination and fantasies...  

Now let’s get to our major dilemma: How to eat a cupcake without the mess! You can call it cupcake sandwich:
  1. Remove to cupcake paper
  2. Using your finger tips and by gently twisting the bottom of the cupcake you will have your protection layer of cake
  3. Finally put that layer on the top of the frosting and voila! You have yourself a cupcake sandwich
  4. PS: if you have a jelly filling inside the cupcake make sure you turn your cupcake sandwich upwards while eating, that means the layer you have removed will be on the bottom while eating
Now after you have an idea on how to eat a cupcake without the mess you can try it. For for those who still prefer to enjoy it the sloppy classic way, go for it. After all its FUN! Cupcake_NoGarlicNoOnions2
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