November 01, 2017 Dbayeh Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Babel: A New Menu, Same Great Taste
Authentic & Traditional

Phone Number: +961-70-425 777

Address: Near the water authority, Jounieh Highway, Dbayeh, Metn, Lebanon


Price Range: 35-50 $

I've been here many times to enjoy what the magnificent architecture holds inside. Lebanese with class, style and a touch of fusion, Babel Dbayeh has always been one of Lebanon's best restaurants and a personal favorite of mine. Visiting for the 5th or 6th time in so many months, I discovered a new menu which showcases the same food direction but with more photos. From a conservative restaurant brand to social media accounts and a branch in Kuwait, today's Babel is greater while preserving the same homey taste. I enjoyed my lunch and was inspired to take a hundred photos or so...


Suitable For: Authentic & Traditional


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