October 20, 2015 Metn Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Baguette&Co: A Recommended Breakfast in Metn (Restaurant Closed)

Two visits already, two positive encounters and now I was back for breakfast. Baguette&Co. is this classy restaurant on the Mtayleb road welcoming you for breakfast and lunch and open from 8am. The only classy up scaled diner/restaurant in the area, I really love the decor and the soothing vibes this place has.


I've already mentioned my appreciation for Baguette&Co. Light colored 
tiles, a white ceiling, decorative posters and clocks, a shiny white
wall, light wooden tables, light blue leather and an open kitchen. I feel good in here.

The restaurant is located next to the new Malek's Bookshop on the Mtayleb road and a welcoming staff, smiling and happy, a new menu and decoration that makes you want to stay here for a long time.

This morning we came for breakfast. The new menu is a leather book 
with a couple of pages illustrated with mouthwatering photos of food. Open the first page to see a page of white and blue stripes, a touch of America in Lebanon.


The menu:

  • Breakfast
  • Salsa
  • Sandwiches
  • Fresh pasta
  • Quiche
  • Sweet baguettes
  • Desserts
  • Drink menu

The breakfast menu:

  • Croissants
  • Croissant with Knefeh
  • Croissant with Halawani
  • Croissant with Knefeh and chocolate
  • Mediterranean breakfast
  • Continental breakfast
  • Eggs and omelets
  • Eggs Benedict with bechel sauce and spinach
  • Platters
  • Bites

The place needed some music, but the rest was good. Sunny spells coming from the east caress the open glass facade and a large TV shows a fashion station.

Let's eat:

  • The scrambled egg sandwich served with chips and salad on the side. A baguette cut in half and stuffed with a generous portion of scrambled eggs mixed with smoked cheese. A light mayonnaise spread adds juiciness to the mix. Well seasoned, the sandwich is a good start to the day.


  • The halloumi sandwich is spread with olive tapenade, thick slices of halloumi, tomatoes, cucumbers and olive oil. A juicy heart where the olive's taste adds a rich flavor and the paprika gives a touch of finesse.
  • Coffee: We had two drinks. The minted blue coffee and the Baguette&Co coffee, both served in glasses with handles and beautifully presented. The hot signature was made with fresh milk and Mocs blender with an Oreo biscuit mix, topped with whipped cream. The other was cold, espresso with mint blue Curaçao syrup. Their drinks are recommended, so adventure into ordering them.
  • Benedictine: Two pain de campagne, Kaye's one on the other and stuffed with sautéed spinach and an egg, topped with béchamel sauce and a slice of salmon. A delicious breakfast I would come back for again and again. A poached egg spilling its yolk around the place in a sandwich that has a crunchy border and a warm, tender heart. A light crunch, juiciness and the spinach extravaganza. I enjoyed the egg, quality of the salmon, the tenderness of the spinach and the sauce, the was mix well peppered and salted.



  • Halawa stuffed croissant: A Delifrance croissant stuffed with a puree of halawa and heated. A bit heavy, but interesting. 
  • Knefeh and Nutella baguette: What a perfect combination! Premium Knefeh, Nutella and a thin, but crunchy baguette. It's a Knefeh a la Francaise.


  • Chocolate crepe: An answer to your dreams, a generous crepe filled with a fondant cake and topped with dark chocolate. Wow! It's different, unique and delicious. A lightly chewy, thin crepe prepared in a square shape and filled with the "fondant" - Lebanon's most famous cake - and beautifully decorated with dark chocolate. Vanilla ice cream takes over the right side of the plate.


  • Strawberry tart: A super generous, unique, generous and eye-catching strawberry tart. A thin dough mixed with chocolate, shaped like a bowl and filled with cream, a full bodied cream with a light feel and couple of whole strawberries. That's a tart many patisseries couldn't do. I'd add a strawberry coulis on the side.

Strawberry Tart

I like this place.





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