May 14, 2016 Petra Jordan Middle East

Basin: Petra's Restaurant by Crowne Plaza is a Disaster!
All You Can Eat


Welcoming: 0/5

Food Temperature: 2/10

Ambiance / Music: 1/10

Menu Choice: 1/5

Food Taste: 6/30

Architecture / Interior: 1/10

Food presentation: 2/10

Service: 0/10

Value for money: 2/10

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Dramatic! You walk for hours to reach the bottom expecting to eat good food, at least when it's managed by Crown Plaza! Proudly Crown Plaza? Let me tell you that this is not a place you would want to end your day at.  Ridiculous, disastrous, dirty, bad and stingy... One of the worst lunches I've had.


A buffet for $25 proposes a ridiculous choice of salads, an empty bowl of hummus, spilling food all around the buffet, "seafood" in a plate of sauce, maklouba without Laban on the side, beef noodles where the beef is nonexistent, a tray of grilled zucchini and bread. And then comes dessert, half empty cakes served behind an open fridge, what's left from an Oum Ali tray and that's it; unappealing to say the least.

The place is divided into three areas. The coffee shop, the terrace and the inner dining space. They also have an exchange office at the restaurant. Music from all over the world plays in the background.

One soft drink is allowed in the set menu, but unfortunately no waiter cares to approach you for the order.


No ice in the restaurant! You'll have to drink your beverage without ice or even a cup. I this a street food restaurant?

I only could eat Maklouba made of chunks of chicken mixed together with their bones inside the rice bowl. And the rice, way over cooked to be enjoyed. While the noodles are soggy and the meat is chewy and cheap in quality. A plate of hummus costs nothing! Fill up the buffet!

Afterwards desserts. Placed one on top of the other in a dirty fridge, the cakes look like they were prepared the night before and you'll find no chef to help with the serving. You want to laugh, order a fork; a waiter with his bare hands comes with a spoon instead...


Dirty tables, an overwhelmed staff with a huge lack of training... That's lunch at the supposedly fine restaurant of Petra's trail proudly managed by Crown Plaza Hotels.

Not recommended! Better get sandwiches next time.

Suitable For: All You Can Eat





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