November 18, 2018 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Great Meat at The Grill: Casual Fine Dining at The Four Seasons Beirut
Non-smokers friendly
Casual Dining

Dinner with touches of finesse and class, a certain perfection in every movement, attention to details... a soothing mood and positive vibes, The Grill has been my destination for breakfast, lunch, and dinner since 2013. I love breakfast at The Grill and adore dinner repeating the experience every time I have the chance to. Reading a review since August 2017, it was time to visit again.


The Grill is your casual meat steakhouse yet the attention to details is perfect:

  • I loved it how menus are distributed to ladies first, elder men followed by younger gentlemen. Perfect English, Lea serves with love and dedication. 
  • Plates used are from Villeroy&Boch.
  • Schott Zwiesel wine glasses.

The menu:

  • Starters (smoked lobster, wild mushrooms, foie gras, tuna tartare, octopus with bottarga...)
  • Salads (beetroot, endives, hurrays, spinach...)
  • Meat (rangers valley, US prime, special cuts, Duroc pork cuts)
  • Poultry (duck breast, baby chicken, chicken breast)
  • Seafood (cod, grouper, sea bass, Dover sole, tiger)
  • Side dishes 
  • Desserts


Dinner always starts with a loaf of bread, one of the country’s best. Multi-cereal baked in a metal mold, another white one, served with a side of salt, butter, and peppers. I love the bread at The Grill; moelleux, light-bodied, airy, and moist. Enchanted with air bubbles, the bread melts like butter under the teeth while borders crack under the teeth.

Wow... that octopus is phenomenal! Tender octopus leg cooked in lemon juice and bathing in bottarga and beans cream. An outstanding creation that made me moan uncontrollably while praising the plate around the table. I loved the spices, the kick of lemon, the spices, and the crunchy capers. A balanced plate that’s so equilibrated making you travel around the shores of the Mediterranean. Don’t miss the pickled onions; they make all the difference adding a strong acidity to the plate.


Musar Pere & Fils 2003 is one of Lebanon’s best wines: In youth, Chateau Musar Reds are dense and richly-textured, with intense ‘baked fruit’ characters: plums, damsons, cranberries, cherries, figs, and dates. Bordeaux grape Cabernet Sauvignon lends black fruit flavors; Rhône grapes Cinsault and Carignan contribute fragrance (violets; pepper) and supple spiciness. Either set of qualities might dominate a particular vintage, but the style is always emphatically Lebanese: enticingly aromatic, with persistent fruit flavors. Over decades the wines acquire tawny hues and mellow notes.


And then came the real deal: meat! The tomahawk is the one I ordered, a huge piece of American meat. Seven thick slices of it served with the bone on the side. Tender and juicy, the meat doesn’t even need a sauce. Pepper, béarnaise, mushroom, the sauces are great. Dig in the sides, truffle potato purée, fries, and spinach served with crunchy pistachio. Excellent meat quality, a big piece of juicy meat cooked red with charcoal grilled Border’s that crunch.

Lea deserves a raise; she’s probably one of the most skilled waiters in Beirut today.

Excellent food and great service, dinner at The Grill was memorable like all times and this time even better.

Suitable For: Casual Dining





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