June 05, 2013

BBQ Time: Some Helpful Grilling Techniques

Have you started planning those pool parties! Before you break out the grill, here are some essential grilling guidelines and proper cooking temperatures to ensure you and your guests are having fun and staying healthy.

  • Before the meat even reaches the grocery store, it is carefully monitored to ensure that it is always kept in proper conditions. Meat is dried as much as possible and immediately stored in a cooler, or chill room, where refrigeration begins at 40° C down to 0°C. Temperature monitoring systems are put in place to ensure the most accurate readings.

Now that you’ve got some inside scoop from Madgetech, it’s time to throw your steaks on the grill! Depending on what kind of meat you’ll be grilling, whether it be beef, poultry, pork or seafood, you’ll want some techniques for proper grilling methods, including a meat thermometer.

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