February 01, 2017 California USA Americas

Blue Daisy: Breakfast & Brunch in Santa Monica
Non-smokers friendly
Morning Delights

Blue Daisy, located on the street that takes you to Santa Monica's famous pier, offers a selection of innovative food items starting from 8am. It is a pub-like restaurant with a terrace, some wooden tables, leather and metallic chairs, a bar with a set of high metallic stools to sit at it and some pink lanterns.


Smooth jazz music plays in the background. But the place doesn't boast the freshest of vibes to say the least especially with the noise coming from the bar.

On the menu is an interesting choice of items I would have liked to try. Eggs Benedict, Eggs Scandia that is a premiere for me, Beef Slider Scandia, Bacon Crepe, waffles and some sweet crepes. Being a fan of Hollandaise sauce, I started with the Scandia so as to change a bit from the Benedict I always order.


Let's eat:

  • I ordered the Beef Slider Scandia but unfortunately the chef was out of croissants that day. 
  • The Ham Benedict is two whole-wheat English muffins topped with cream cheese, cooked ham, poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce. Two balls of fried zucchini are served on the side with lettuce, green beans and a tomato slice. The muffin is not toasted enough, I didn't like the cream cheese; the eggs definitely needed more salt and pepper. Hollandaise? Not won over by it; it needs much more acidity and lemon. The ham was fine. In sum I was not impressed at all.
  • To give this place another chance I ordered a sweet crepe. Nutella, strawberries, bananas served in a cone shaped crepe – a dozen layers of chewy crepe, warm Nutella here and there, lots of cold strawberries and thick pieces of banana. It’s not what I expected… too much of everything and not enough Nutella.

Disappointing as I expected better. I stopped here to try the place after reading a few reviews on it. All I got was some average food in a dramatic space. It’s not worth visiting.

Suitable For: Morning Delights





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