October 12, 2017

BOSHIES: Fashion with a Purpose, The Modern Unisex Tarboosh

"More than just a clothing line, BOSHIES is fashion with a purpose : To re-inspire the Lebanese and Arab youth with modern takes on their cultural heritage. Starting off with a fresh take on the iconic tarboosh hat."


When BOSHIES' founder Elias began re-designing the tarboosh producing the first prototype of the Boshie hat. With the collaboration of local artisans, these hats were carefully handmade, and featured in storefronts across Lebanon. After the first Boshie hat's initial success, Elias and his team of artisans reinvented the tarboosh yet again, creating a winter Boshie hat, handcrafted out of wool.

Elias then set out to gather feedback from the Lebanese market about his products, taking a look at sales records, customer reactions, and market trends. With this new information in mind, he decided the Boshie hat's design could be made even better. So in 2017, joined by his new partner designer Diane, Elias set to work on a new model for the Boshie hat.

The new design maintains the familiar shape of the tarboosh, with added elements like a rounded top and more defined borders for protection against the sun. The two hand-stitched strands on either side also serve as a throwback to the original tassel. The new modernized Boshie hat now comes in a variety of colors and has broken free the tarboosh from its macho identity. Easy to wear by anyone from all around the world, including both men and women, old and young.

Today BOSHIES need your support to continue. Give them a hand.

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