July 04, 2019 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Breakfast in Beirut: My Morning at The Kempinski I Love it!
Morning Delights

Breakfast... if you follow me and read my reviews you would know by now that I love breakfasts! I’ve been traveling for breakfast, reviewing and visiting hotel breakfasts in Lebanon and finding the best spots to start your day in style. Every year, one hotel wins the title of the best morning experience, and I still confirm The Kempinski to be on top of the list.


Third time already and still loving it and enjoying Lebanon’s excellent summer weather, sitting on the terrace, enjoying the sound of the waters, a breath of fresh air and a wide choice of food to choose from. You don’t have to be staying at the hotel to enjoy breakfast; arrive at the reception, take the stairs down to the pool and let yourself go...

I’ve been coming here for the delicious food but more importantly, the professional service; a rich choice of premium quality products, traditional or upscale prepared to impress. Eggs Benedict, fluffy pancakes and airy waffles; probably the best in town at a hotel!


Back to the Kempinski; located on the ground floor, by the pool and decorated with an olive tree in the middle, the buffet has it all additives to that a selection of specialty choices from the kitchen.

You have to try their premium quality fatty smoked salmon and tuna sashimi, flaky croissants especially the one stuffed with goat cheese, the décorions of cold cuts, the fine cheeses, and any favorite jam!!! Yes, Kempinski serves my two favorite kinds which you have to try: eggplant and walnuts jam.


After enjoying the buffet, it was time for some plates coming from the kitchen. Pancakes, waffles, and eggs Benedict. Thick and fluffy pancakes powdered with sugar and served with a dose of chocolate cream. Airy waffles, a crunchy envelop and fluffy heart beautifully decorated with a side of chocolate and whipped cream.   Drizzle some maple syrup and enjoy.


American coffee kept on flowing, fresh fruits while I enjoyed my morning, hoping time would stop.

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