January 21, 2015 Iceland Europe

Business Class Onboard Icelandair with Internet Access

Smiling hostesses, relaxing chairs, sound reduction headsets and WiFi... Everything during this flight was perfect.


Now that I can think clearly and my bag is onboard, let me tell you my story. I believe in faith... What are the odds on being seated on the right side of the plane, what are the odds that I see my luggage being separated and thrown away from the other bags making their way onto the plane, while mine was being sent back to the terminal... I stood up and called for help... the chief of cabin then went down to bring it back... Thank God, you can't imagine the feeling, watching your bag being sent away, the bag that contains everything you need to survive the cold in Iceland.

Flying from Paris to Iceland's capital, we were booked on Icelandair. I honestly didn't know what to expect and thought it would be something like Alitalia's business class, where three seats are transformed into business seating and there are no screens or anything extravagant despite paying more.

Today's flight was excellent, making me want to fly Icelandair again.


The first impression:

  • It's a Boeing 757, a first for me
  • A large seat with enough leg room for you to cross your legs
  • A landscaped, large screen
  • A water bottle awaits
  • Individual noise reduction headphones
  • An electricity socket
  • A welcoming staff, smiley and ready to help
  • I loved the security videos which are shot at waterfalls, mimicking the events on a plane without showing the plane; they had a very nice idea, they only broadcast in English, making things less annoying for travelers.

If you're planning on visiting Iceland, here are some tips, Iceland 101:

  • Bring your professional camera, the northern lights are breathtaking
  • The capital is called Reykjavik, meaning Smoky Bay
  • As soon as you land, take a deep breath and enjoy the clean air.
  • Electricity in Iceland is 220v, exactly like Europe.
  • English is widely and well spoken in Iceland.
  • It's cold, so be prepared to wear different layers, gloves and to cover your head.
  • It's crucial to always have a bathing suit to visit the thermal pools.
  • The tap water is drinkable.
  • The currency is the Krona.
  • Around the island is the Ring Road, which you can follow to have a complete look at the country.


Now that I'm connected and loving the speedy WiFi for only €7, I laid back, turned on iTunes Radio and started enjoying my flight. 

I was given the wine list and decided to try them all:

  • Viscar's Choice, Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand: A lifted nose showing aromas of passion fruit, white peach and grapefruit combined with refreshing herbal and mineral notes. Light bodied and refreshing with typical Marlborough flavors of passion fruit, black currant and grape fruit.
  • Laurent Miquel Viognier, France: A perfumed, opulent wine with characteristic aromas of white flowers and vineyards.
  • Dievole Vendemmia Chianti Classico, Sangiovese, Italy, Toscana: A classic chianti, firm and full bodied. In the nose you can find red berries and vanilla. Spiced with a great texture and a long, rich aftertaste.

A warm, wet towel was distributed before lunch is served.


  • Mini hamburgers: One with red onions, one with foie gras and one with truffles and Serrano ham, served with potato chips, a dip and a fresh salad. Served hot, the burgers are enjoyable. A spongy, soft bun, well cooked meat and lots of juicy ingredients make them all enjoyable. 
  • The red onions are caramelized, tender with a little crunch and add sweetness to the sandwich. The Serrano and cheese are just what's needed for a fine sandwich and the foie gras blends perfectly with the mix. 
  • I loved the sesame seeds in the bun, as well as the juiciness and I believe the meat is as good as it could be on a plane.
  • Our dessert was an almond cake, which I found soft, moist and flavorful. The pink icing adds the sweetness it needs.

I enjoyed the experience. Even though many of the details are like a local flight, with a seat that doesn't recline at 180 degrees or th choice of food, I do recommend Icelandair and will consider flying with them again, especially that the WiFi is an added plus on any flight.





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