September 22, 2023

Cannabis Culture Unveiled: 5 Must-know Insights For Enthusiasts

Cannabis consumption in the US has evolved from a marginal subculture into a normal phenomenon. The herb’s experimentation prevalence is higher than ever, with one national survey showing that 50% of American adults have tried cannabis at least once in their lifetime. Moreover, the report highlights that 29% of US adults aged 18-34 and 17% aged 35-45 use cannabis regularly.

The data above implies the presence of a robust cannabis sub-culture, giving rise to cannabis enthusiasts. So, what cannabis sub-culture elements and trends should cannabis enthusiasts know in 2023? Keep reading for the latest cannabis sub-culture insights.

1. Cannabis Tourism Is A Thing In The US

Cannabis tourism is like any other excursion whereby people travel away from their resident city or country to view attractions like monuments, landscapes, and new cultural experiences. However, the attraction in cannabis tourism is cannabis products. Therefore, cannabis tourism entails traveling to a new destination primarily to consume cannabis.

For most cannabis enthusiasts, mentioning cannabis tourism brings to mind destinations like the Netherlands and Canada, where cannabis consumption is federally legal. Nonetheless, you can enjoy this cannabis cultureelement closer home in states that legalize medicinal and recreational marijuana.

For example, adult visitors to Missouri often enhance their exploration of the state’s scenic Ozark mountains and natural water features by including recreational and medicinal cannabis product selections.

US cannabis tourism is a significant trend in cannabis culture and a lucrative cannabis industry niche worth approximately $US 17 billion. Besides legal adult access to high-quality medicinal and recreational cannabis products, cannabis-friendly holiday accommodation options significantly propel growth in the US’s cannabis tourism industry.

2. Technology Contributes To The Development Of Diverse Cannabis Consumption Methods

The joint is arguably the most popular cannabis consumption method since the hippie cannabis sub-culture days. Consequently, cannabis flowers and smoking paraphernalia like rolling paper and bongs are the most popular cannabis products in the US. Moreover, such products are the undisputed symbols of cannabis consumption, appearing prominently on most cannabis merchandise.

However, despite their popularity, cannabis joints do not appeal to all consumers, primarily due to the smell and harsh throat hit associated with their consumption. Fortunately, technological developments in the cannabis industry allow the development of new products to suit diverse consumer preferences.

For example, using CO2 extraction to replace the traditional solvent extraction method helps generate contaminant-free cannabis cannabinoid extracts for use in cannabis-infused products. Besides facilitating a cleaner cannabinoid extraction, CO2 extraction is also more efficient for higher yields and is affordable. Consequently, cannabis cannabinoid-infused products like vapes and edibles are giving raw cannabis flower sales a run for their money.

Also, rolling a cannabis joint takes time and knowledge, which some smokable cannabis consumers lack. Fortunately, automated processes to produce cannabis pre-rolls facilitate convenient cannabis smoking for amateurs and busy cannabis enthusiasts.

Lastly, using techniques to convert dominant cannabis cannabinoids like THC and CBD into minor cannabinoids has helped expand the legal cannabinoid selection in the cannabis market. For example, cannabis brands use isomerization to convert hemp-derived CBD molecules into delta-8 THC and isomerization to convert delta-8 THC into HHC.

Consequently, consumers enjoy cannabinoids that offer milder psychoactive effects, like  delta-8 THC, HHC, and Delta-10 THC. Moreover, hemp-derived cannabinoids are federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill, although individual states can pass laws re-classifying specific cannabinoids.

3. The Cannabis Culture Presents Unique Income-earning Opportunities

Although states like California spearheaded cannabis legalization as far back as 1996, it was only after the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill that legal cannabis became a fully-fledged industry in the US. The 2018 farm Bill legalized hemp products' cultivation, production, and distribution, provided they contained less than 0.3% THC.

While the US cannabis industry is barely five years old, it is emerging as a significant employment sector. Statistics show that 428059 American adults enjoy full-time employment in the country’s legal cannabis industry, assuming various technical, administrative, and customer service positions.

Additionally, the cannabis industry has niche opportunities that cannabis enthusiasts may utilize to earn a steady income while doing what they love. Such opportunities include cannabis influence marketing as content creators, connoisseurs, and reviewers.

Moreover, licensed lawyers can build their legal practice in cannabis law by helping cannabis businesses comply with the ever-changing federal and state requirements for various products. Also, cannabis mixology featuring cannabis-infused beverages is emerging as a popular trend and potential carrier opportunity.

4. Cannabis Stock Are A Potential Investment Opportunity

Besides creating employment opportunities, the US legal cannabis industry is flourishing, reporting favorable returns. As a result, multiple cannabis companies appeared among the Financial Times’ 500 fastest-growing companies list.

The unprecedented growth in the legal cannabis industry and its acceptance have opened doors for cannabis enthusiasts and other business-savvy individuals to invest in the sector’s stocks. However, the industry is relatively new, so conduct due diligence before investing in cannabis stocks.

5. Product Accessibility Influences Purchasing Decisions

As highlighted earlier, cannabis products are available in diverse consumable forms. Even so, product availability depends on cannabis legislation in given jurisdictions.

For example, some jurisdictions prohibit selling smokables while others outlaw online cannabis sales. Also, most states that legalize medical marijuana while criminalizing its recreational use have a limited product selection. Such insights may influence decisions like where cannabis enthusiasts choose to live.


The US cannabis culture is a mainstream phenomenon, permeating various aspects of daily life while facilitating a burgeoning industry. Although the culture constantly evolves, the insights above are macro trends every cannabis enthusiast must know.

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