April 12, 2017 Washington DC USA Americas

Captain Cookie: Washington’s Famous Cookie Spot
Non-smokers friendly
Sweet Tooth

Just before leaving Washington I Googled to find the best ice cream place, which when I finally found I fell in love with. The place turned out to be just in front of the hotel. Captain cookie sells freshly made hot cookies, ice cream and milk.


Captain Cookie made his first cookie at age four and has been obsessed ever since. His recipe for chocolate chip cookies is the result of almost three decades of tinkering and testing. While on the quest for perfection, he also developed a handful of knockout recipes for the cookies featured on our menu. To say these cookies are made-from-scratch is an understatement. Years of cookie-making and the finest ingredients have gone into making your cookie the best you've ever had.

Order a cookie of your choice and ask for two scoops of ice cream flavors. A plastic box holds one cookie and two huge scoops of ice cream are added and the box is then closed.

Captain Cookie's trucks were on campus at The George Washington University so often that co-owners Kirk and Juliann Francis decided to open their first brick-and-mortar there. The flagship location is a stone's throw from the White House, World Bank and State Department, home of the most deserving cookie consumers of all time. Insider tip: the store is where Kirk regularly tests his newest creations. You can be part of these fun culinary experiments or find favorites at 2000 Penn.


The cookies are rich in flavor with all the heavy and fatty ingredients that make everything yummy.

  • Their double chocolate cookie is good and has a balanced sweetness, their white chocolate chip cookie is also great.
  • The ice cream is that American kind, tasty but excessively heavy.

Visiting Washington DC, put this cookie place on your to do list. 

Suitable For: Sweet Tooth





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