September 20, 2012

Limited Batch from Ben&Jerry's Ice Cream

If you are an ice cream fan, Ben & Jerry's announced their new Limited Batch flavor is Cannoli ice cream. The flavor, a mascarpone ice cream with fudge covered cannoli pieces and a mascarpone swirl, will be available for a three to four months in the U.S., and is starting to hit shelves now. Too bad we can't ship any here!

According to the Ben & Jerry's Facebook page, "We made a cannoli flavor with ricotta before and it bombed. It was called Holy Cannoli. This is a new take on it and we think it tastes better than Holy Cannoli did. We hope you do too!" Huffington Post asked Ben & Jerry's PR Liz Stewart what made them decide to try cannoli again. She told them via email:

Whenever we develop a new flavor, we start with a big, sky’s-the-limit idea and narrow it down from there. So, before Holy Cannoli was Holy Cannoli years ago, we had LOTS of different batches of what we thought a cannoli-flavored ice cream might taste like. Putting out a different cannoli ice cream flavor is our chance to show our fans just how much we love playing with our food: we love it so much that we don’t just stop at one final flavor!

Stewart let us know that Cannoli ice cream will be available until around January, when it will have to make room for their next super-secret flavor (no hints on what that will be yet).

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