May 07, 2014

Chowzter World Awards 2014: L'Anima Restaurant London

Welcome to L’Anima, London’s award winning Italian restaurant in the heart of the City. L’Anima offers the finest contemporary Italian cooking in surroundings that are nothing short of sheer elegance. L’Anima is Italian for “soul” and this essence has been incorporated in every detail of this charming and sophisticated restaurant and bar; from Francesco Mazzei’s creative Italian menus and selected wine list, to the inviting interiors providing a comfortable, intimate and memorable experience. 

The restaurant was transformed for the Chowitzer’s final event, the announcement of the winners from all our voting. All the tables were removed and a special stage installed to welcome Chowzter’s experts. We all gathered at 7pm for a group photo before the night could start with drinks, food and fun. In the middle of L'Anima the pizza oven didn't rest a minute, all night it was rolling, spreading and baking to feed the invitees. Facing it was a large bar or working platform that was serving Italian delights. Freshly cut Parma ham, bread buns, stuffed pork (porceta), nduja (spicy sausages from Calabria, and Parmesan, all the while waiters toured around offering up mini burgers, arancini, fried calamari, chicken Calabreze, mini pizzas and other things that might have slipped past without my noticing. While the DJ played smooth tunes in the background, the anticipation was rising as we waited before the winners were revealed.

Around the bar Proseco was flowing, along with a selection of a white and red wine from Italy. You couldn't but notice the red color taking over tonight; Red reflections of LED displays of Chowzter’s logo reminded us of the original award’s color. Four ice sculptures carved in designs featuing red apples and chilli peppers melted in style while the ambiance heated up. The food was good, fresh and tasty, all fine Italian specialties recreated for the picky food bloggers. Stepping aside, I couldn't but notice the positive vibes, energy and fun everyone was feeling. At 8pm, the second World’s Tastiest Fast Feasts Awards started to revealing 16 different award winners. The best thing about the Chowzters is that the winner goes immediately to the wall of fame and cannot win twice in one night. The lights were dimmed and the presentation started. Each category had five finalists who were revealed earlier, while the winner had a pre-prepared video shown to the audience. The local Chowzter experts received the awards on behalf of the winners.  


The presenter mentioned some funny yet true facts about food bloggers, some of them are problems only foodies understand:

  • A food blogger orders a different meal every time they go out
  • Foodies never order the same plate as someone else on the table
  • Foodies need to constantly tell family and friends where all the money really goes
  • Waiting in line and sitting for ever just to try the latest thing becomes a part of life
The winners were announced:
  • Tastiest Item in the World – Lima – Cebiche @ Chez Wong Nominated by Nicholas Gill
  • Best Pizza in the World - Brooklyn – Pizza Slice @ Di Fara Pizza Nominated by Yvo Sin
  • Best Seafood Dish - Vancouver – Alaskan King Crab 5 Ways @ Dynasty Nominated by Mijune Pak
  • Best Vegetarian Dish - Paris – Falafel @ L’As du Falaffel Nominated by Mathilde DeWilde
  • Best Noodles - Bangkok – Pad Thai @ Pad Thai Thip Samai Nominated by Mark Wiens
  • Best Rice Dish - Singapore – Hainanese Chicken Rice @ Tian Tian Nominated by Catherine Ling
  • Best Sandwich - Seattle – Caribbean Roast Sandwich @ Paseo Nominated by Naomi Bishop
  • Best Bird Dish - Hong Kong – Roast Goose @ Yat Lok Nominated by Juliana Loh
  • Best Bakery Dish- London – Fried Jam Croissant @ Albion Nominated by Niamh Shields
  • Best in Europe - Pide Ustu Doner @ Karadeniz Pide Doner Salonu Nominated by Tuba Satana
  • Best in North America - Franks ‘n’ Dogs – Banh Mi – Chicago Nominated by Karen Valentine
  • Best in Latin America - La Casita Poblano – Mole Poblana – Puebla Nominated by Rebecca Smith
  • Best in Asia - Manila – Stuffed Lechón @ Pepita’s Kitchen Nominated by Anton Diaz
While the party continued and the food production started again, everyone was busy taking souvenir photos, and congratulating the winners until we meet again next year. See you at The Chowzter 2015 Fast a feast Awards.
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