May 21, 2015 North Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Claude Harb Bakery, Hadath el Jebbeh
Morning Delights Take Away Quick Eats

You may call it coincidence, fate or simply chance. We were scheduled to visit Bekaa Kafra and not Hadath el Jebbeh. Due to the very bad weather that day, we decided to take the internal road... we parked in front of a bakery for a break, but it was closed... but we then see a man walking towards the door to open it. That's how we met Claude Harb. 

Claude welcomed us into his home and suggested we try one of each of his offerings. Zaatar, cheese, meat and the egg mankouche.

Inside his bakery, which he has named Amal (Hope in English), Claude works summer and winter preparing those round sandwiches. A smile on his face, his only concern is to please his customers... We even finished breakfast with a glass of arak - it was 8am. 

I believe the video speaks for itself, nevertheless, I insist on letting you know about Claude's tasty bites. The dough is so fluffy and so fresh with crunchy borders, the Zaatar perfectly sour and the cheese just salty enough.

The best part is when he prepares the egg mankouche. He takes the dough, bakes it for a minute or two before topping it with scrambled eggs. This goes in for a final baking. 

I've had this "2oros Bayed" or "Mankouchet Ejjeh" in Amchit, Batroun and now Hadath el Jebbeh. Everyone does it differently and all the versions are good. I loved the juiciness in Claude's variety. 

Watch the video and plan your visit to Harb's Bakery.





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