August 24, 2018 New York USA Americas

Club Quarters Hotel New York: Stay Around Times Square
Non-smokers friendly

I’m not sure why one would choose a hotel that has the smallest room in New York, the tiniest bathroom, rooms without views and where light barely enters, the darkest lobby without windows.


Feeling like an underground storage, breakfast served in a closed space without windows... nothing made me consider coming here again.

Club Quarters or CQ is a business hotel in New York that only has an advanced check-in machine the staff brags about: nothing else! 

Arrive at the reception, a small lobby with no windows and not enough light to brighten your day. Walk up to the room, a tiny little room with a small bed and no space to open your bag. The bathroom is even smaller than the body’s can handle.


Sleep on the tunes of an old air conditioning unit and the sounds of the neighbors watching a movie.

Breakfast is served in a room, a square closed room looking like a conference space. No music, no life, nothing that will make you want to start your day in here.

Expensive and not worth it: with amazing hotels around New York City, don’t put this one in your list.

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