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The Big Texan: Dinner, Motel and Breakfast
Non-smokers friendly

This is the place I was dreaming of visiting since I first started my Route 66 trail. Real Texan mood and food, exceptional vibes, friendly people and amazing food. A big ranch-style of place with dozens of animals hang over the walls, a two-floor square room, and a band singing local tunes. I moved from the Mexican mood of New Mexico to the real American deal in Texas.


The place is big, a motel on one side and the restaurant on the other, wood painted in all colors, different houses stick one to the other. Outside the door a big bull welcomes you with a signboard: "the steak is for free." Yes, this 72 oz is for free if you finish it!

The Big Texan Steak Ranch is a steakhouse restaurant and motel located in Amarillo, Texas, United States which opened on the previous U.S. Route 66 in the 4500 block of East Amarillo Boulevard in 1960. It relocated to its present location on Interstate 40 in 1970. The building is painted a bright yellow, with blue trim. A large bull statue advertises their "free" 72 oz. Steak. The now-closed Texas Tornado Museum resided off in a far corner of the parking lot on the property.

Located adjacent to the restaurant on The Big Texan Steak Ranch property is the 54-unit Big Texan Motel. The cinder-block construction motel is designed to resemble the main street in an old west town and features Texas-themed decor and a Texas-shaped pool.

Inside is a gaming area and the big restaurant. Lots of wood, a wood ceiling and wood walls, a big solace surrounded by intimate corners with benches and a middle area of rectangular tables.

The menu has it all; appetizers, sandwiches, fries and cheese, quesadillas, the main meats, chicken of all kinds and side dishes. Fat, lots of fat and frying.


The Big Texan Brewery started serving handcrafted beers on June 24, 2011. Brews include Honey Blonde Ale, Palo Duro Ale, Texas Red Amber Ale, Pecan Porter, Rattlesnake IPA, 1836 Chocolate Bock Lager, FNW Limelite, Raspberry Wheat, and Whisky Barrel Stout.

Ordered the big Texan filet and the Duke's cut ribeye steak with mozzarella sticks and a jacket potato.

A gentle and very polite waiter approached for the order while a basket of bread landed on the table. Super tender bread buns were accompanying the butter and side jam. Their beer on another hand is watery and light. They lack strength and fizziness. Tried the light and fresh honey blonde as well as the raspberry wheat both having the same consistency. Finally, a good one, what I expected at least, the bomb city rock, rich roasted barley malt flavor, and German hops. An American dark lager that is lightly hopped.


The food experience:

Hard and not looking good, the mozzarella sticks have a very hard unpleasant envelope and a cheese heart that's not even melting enough. Salty with an unpleasant texture, this is not what I expected to eat, to say the least.

Fries are undercooked, coleslaw is commercial and sweet but the meat, the Texan meat is fabulous. The real deal, real flavors, real quality, real enjoyment. The Duke's cut is all about flavors be a thick full textured meat, the filet is very tender but lacks richness.

A nice dinner experience one must try. Went to sleep in the old-style Texan motel and walk up for breakfast which takes place in the same restaurant. A small room newly refurbished hosts a wide bed, a sink and a bathroom. Wood is all over, television, a working desk and an air conditioning unit that makes more sound than my car engine.

And be prepared for breakfast... super fatty and loaded breakfast, Pork sausages, 

Fried potatoes, medium cooked eggs, gravy and biscuits and a plate of six pancakes. The hungry cowboy contains eggs, skillet, potatoes, bacon, sausages, biscuits, ham, and gravy.

This morning, I enjoyed a beautifully baked carrot cake, multi-layered spongy carrot cake with cream cheese sugar icing. Didn't understand and didn't like at all the gravy and biscuits and here comes the sandwich; a delicious sandwich with thick fried ham, Pork sausages, cheddar cheese and bacon stuffed between two thick brioche buttered buns. A breakfast one must try once and probably not repeat not to die from stroke.

A lovely experience. Delicious dinner, relaxing sleep and a fresh start of a day.






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