February 23, 2019 Copenhagen Europe

Copenhagen Airport: A Luxury Mall and a Haven for Foodies Covered with Wood Parquet
Non-smokers friendly

When I knew that I'd be visiting the Copenhagen airport for the first time, it was photography time for sure: the first time at an airport means taking endless photos of every corner, but little I knew that the airport is as big as the one I discovered. Copenhagen airport is much more than an airport, a dream come true for shopping lovers and foodies alike.


Copenhagen Airport has two terminals, Terminals 2 and 3, which handle all flights and share a common airside passenger concourse as well as the arrivals section which houses customs and baggage claim and is physically located in Terminal 3. The newest section, CPH Go, dedicated to low-cost carriers opened in October 2010. So far, EasyJet, Transavia, and Ryanair are the only airlines operating from this facility, which is accessed from terminal 3.


At Copenhagen airport you can't stop walking; travel along the alleys to discover more shopping ideas and more restaurants waiting to impress you. From the popular brand H&M to Gucci and Channel, there is something for everyone. 

Fashion, electronics, jewelry, travel gear, chocolate, apparel, toys, design items, and a hairdresser. Eat at Joe and the juice, Pret a Manger, Gorm’s, YoSushi, Caviar House, Espresso House, Lagkagehuset and Steff’s place to name a few.


The great things to expect: a floor completely covered with real wood. Warm and cozy lighting. Luxury and class without feeling the stress of an airport. Endless choices, great discoveries.

Check out the photos down in the gallery and plan your next trip to Copenhagen knowing what to expect.





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