May 25, 2017 Washington DC USA Americas

Cosi: Eggs and Croissant Sandwiches
Non-smokers friendly
Quick Eats

From Paris to the States and even Dubai, Cosi is a healthy fast food chain that sells mainly sandwiches. Known for their flatbread made in a traditional hearth oven, Cosi is located in the heart of Washington one block from the White House. An old restaurant, not too clean to say the least - the tables left messy from previous customers - and staff that don't seem happy to be here. A baker prepares the famous square bagels, a manager plays with his phone behind the counter while I approached not knowing what to order. There are no photos on the menu.


It's not a bagel, it's a bread baguette with a hole in the middle. A multi-cereal egg bagel with tomatoes and bacon is what I ordered. The bread is not fluffy, it has a hard shell, but interesting ingredients. Moist eggs, fresh tomatoes and crispy bacon. If you're planning on eating an egg sandwich, this one is interesting.

The croissant is very interesting! Red bell pepper, cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs and ham. Tender croissant, good ingredients and what makes all the difference is the bell pepper mix. They seem lightly pickled, are soft and beautifully acidic.

Great value for money, a sandwich for only $4. Filling and tasty sandwiches... if only the place looked better and felt more welcoming.

Fast food breakfast; Prêt-a-Manger style without the class, finesse and know how. This place could perform much better if managed properly.

Suitable For: Quick Eats





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