November 04, 2017 Kuwait GCC Middle East

Dar Hamad: A Fine Kuwaiti Restaurant
Authentic & Traditional

Phone Number: +965 2227 5555

Address: Arabian Gulf St, Kuwait City 13109, Kuwait ( 08:30AM - 11:00PM)


Price Range: 50-90 $

Dar Hamad Restaurant: Gourmet and Upscale in Kuwait

Dar Hamad will leave you amazed. Located in an impressive building, Dar Hamad boasts superb décor and a certain style. It’s a spacious restaurant with a high ceiling and round and square tables made of thin black wood. Light comes in from all sides creating beautiful atmospheres and shadows. The open kitchen space, the chandeliers, light music and a few other design details make this place special. I've been to several restaurants in Kuwait but this one is different.


Dar Hamad welcomes you for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They serve local specialties with a touch of finesse. On the tables you’ll find placemats, fine gold metal cutlery, a bread plate and blue glass cups. Coffee is served while we ordered.

Every detail counts. The waiter smiles and serves with one hand behind his back. Professional to say the least.

We visited for breakfast. The Dar Hamad platter came first… A beautiful tray with a selection of feta cheese, English cheddar, peach jam, honey and gaimar, mixed labneh, cream cheese, hummus, zaatar, rehash, dates, assorted cut vegetables with olives, presented with regag and traditional bread.

Delicious offerings and beautifully presented. I loved the halawa, which is completely different from any other I've had. Tea with cardamom is a must try, fresh and tasty bread and the hamssat. 

The hamssat is a metal pot filled with minced meat like bolognese. The lamb liver pot is like minced meat sautéed with onions, tomato herbs and spices.


Up on the first floor is a place even more impressive than the dining space. It’s the tea saloon, a business room and wide space with a view onto the middle atrium. Unbelievable details. You’ll find writing inside the coffee cup.

And now for dessert. Oh my God! I thought we Lebanese have the best ghraybeh! I just had a better one today. Kuwaiti biscuit, airy, crunchy and light. They're so good! And also a bowl of warm gelatin with rose water aromas. Please don't skip the semsmiyyeh. It is lighter and fresher than the ones we have in Lebanon.

Visit Kuwait, try the traditional places, walk through the markets and end it at Dar Hamad. Fine dining with finesse. Extremely recommended!

Suitable For: Authentic & Traditional





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