January 13, 2019 Germany Europe

Deli Bros Fine Foods: A Must Experience at Frankfurt Airport

At Frankfurt airport Terminal 1B, Deli Bros Fine Foods caught my attention: with its open kitchen and rich aromas haunting the airport, I stopped for an early lunch. It was only 10:15 in the morning but waking up at 4 am makes it feel like lunchtime. A burger, some sausages, a cheese platter, and the steak was my order. Served by a happy and funny waitress, the airport experience was better than I expected.


I loved the place and its positive vibes!

A classic New York style deli and an absolute favorite with the airport guests. Travelers and airline people alike meet here; some even come here for lunch every day. In addition to an all-day breakfast menu, the range of food includes simple delicacies: sausages and pasta, salads and burgers, homemade cakes and ice-cream.

You can find exclusive products and fresh food from small manufacturers in the Deli Bros. shop. The range of goods includes spices, mustards, coffee, teas, fish, wine and chocolate. Fresh cold meats, ham and salami specialties from the Münchner Metzgerei Kuffler (Kuffler butchers in Munich) are travel-packed. 


Excellent service! Excellent plates presentation! Excellent food! 

Starting by the cheese platter, I was amazed to taste a mustard jam for the first time. A selection of fine cheeses served on a wooden platter alongside several choices of cheeses.

One of the best food I’ve ever had at an airport is served here: an exquisite gourmet burger, exceptional French fries, a fresh salad, phenomenal mini sautéed potatoes and that super tender and juicy beef made want to lick my lips afterward.

Why sit on the bench or eat average food at the lounge... perfection in the details is what this restaurant is all about. We were served by lovely Aden who deserves a raise. Bravo all the way! A must try at the airport.





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