January 18, 2015

Delsey's New Smart Travel Luggage: Pluggage

We just mentioned the rise of "smart" things on the rise, like the fridge that makes coffee... Now we're going to put the spotlight on something I think every frequent traveller would love to own... it weighs itself, offers instant battery recharge for your phones and more...

 Delsey Pluggage connected suitcase

Frequent travelers tend to rely on the power of their smartphones for checking in, processing boarding passes and generally getting around with ease, but a new smart suitcase by the name of Pluggage could make the generally cumbersome task of dragging around, locating and retrieving our belongings a whole lot easier.

Created by Delsey, Pluggage is essentially luggage handling 2.0, offering a vast array of cool features that help to alleviate the stresses of travel.

It's in the process of being made... and might not include all the smart aspects that have been drafted.

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