May 12, 2012

Dig Easily Through Your Rock Hard Ice Cream

You get a nice clay pot of 'Ashta' ice cream, one of the best treats this summer. Craving for one, yet it frozen solid!

Don't be sad. Someone out there has been thinking of you. You no longer have to wait for your ice cream, any kind of ice cream to soften with the newly designed 15.0% ice cream spoon by Lemnos. The plump little spoon was designed to fit in the palm of your hand and absorb your body heat to make it easier to dig through your rock hard ice cream.

The 15.0% spoon is made of solid aluminum, which has high thermal conductivity, so you no longer have to wait for your ice cream to soften. The spoon is sold in three different shapes to suit your mood or ice cream flavors. The plump shape of the spoon fits right into your palm, making the whole palm, not just your fingertips, wrapped around it so when you dig into the rock hard ice cream, your hand will not hurt. As stated on their website, Lemnos launched the new spoon design to ''make ice cream lovers fall even more in love with ice cream.'' Ice cream justice has been served.

The figure 15.0 % comes from the composition of ice cream. Japanese regulation stated as “ ice cream = 15.0% milk solids”. We wanted our brand to share the image of ice cream."






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