September 22, 2013

Dubai Cola: Did you Try it?

Last week, Bashir, a loyal reader of NoGarlicNoOnions sent me a message on Facebook about this new drink called: "Dubai Cola". It was time they create a soda drink after having almost everything with the Dubai name and logo on. lol! Anyway, after doing some research, I noticed that there is no proper review or details about this bizarre drink that reflects the arabic culture and Dubai wealth all together in a gold can. Not even on Dubai Cola's webpage. All I can tell you that it has 139kcal and includes water, sugar, carbon dioxide, colour caramel, honey and sodium and a decent quantity of colouring and preservatives. Not a copy of Coca-Cola, the beverage draws on the flavours associated with Dubai - dates and honey - and comes in a white can with a gold lid and tab, and gold Arabic calligraphy. Until I have the chance to taste the Dubai Cola, please share us your opinion if you already tried it.
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