June 03, 2018 Egypt Middle East

Dunkin’ Donuts Cairo; Clean and Professionally Managed

Open for only two years, Dunkin’ Donuts is expanding rapidly around Cairo. I’ve had the chance and honor to be welcomed to discover their achievements during the last two years starting by the central production kitchen of Donuts to six of their thirteen shops. I enjoyed my tour and I decided to share it with you. 


A clean and well-managed kitchen, Donuts freshly produced twice a day and delivered to all their locations around huge Cairo. A handful selection of fresh and colorful donuts of which the banana crunch is my favorite. The beauty of their Donuts is their fluffiness, their thickness and the glazing that is not sweet. The Donuts remain fresh until the late hours of the afternoon.


I’ve been to six locations all amazingly well managed and maintained. A manager and his staff take care of the shop in style.; Using Dunkin’s famous burgundy colors with the orange and pink logo, the decor is simple and relaxing. Grab and go or stay for a coffee, DD has much more than coffee and donuts; the guys have developed a series of hot sandwiches prepared a la minute and toasted with the TurboChef oven. I’ve tried the Dunkin club, the tuna, and chicken, three delicious sandwiches I enjoyed. The cream cheese bagel is a snack I’ll recommend to all my friends.


After a visit to the state-of-the-art factory, where a passionate staff prepares a donut at a time, I moved to discover the stores; but wait, you can’t visit a factory and not enjoy a fluffy fresh donut prepared minutes earlier. So yummy, the doughnuts are so spongy and fresh like pillows melting under the palate.


A great day indeed in which I discovered the “Dunkin’ Cream” signature drink, the Dunkaccino ice cold drink and a fresh American coffee prepared a la minute.

Two thumbs up guys and thank you for the attention during this long yet enjoyable and informative day.





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