February 27, 2016 Milan Italy Europe

Eataly Milano: My Kind of Heaven!
Non-smokers friendly

Food, and food and again more food. It's called Eataly and it has become the favorite address of any foodie visiting Milan, New York and many other cities around the world.


Books, kitchen utensils, bread, pasta, sweets, I felt my emotions rising. The colors and bright lights, the glazed floor and the white wooden shelves, the vegetable and fruit display and also some cosmetic products.... wonderful. 

Walking around, we started with a quick lunch, pasta and pizza, both delicious. That was in the restaurant down on the ground level before we moved up to the first floor where a fish restaurant is available while a meat restaurant sits on the third floor. Try the ice cream, it is indeed mouthwatering. Chocolate and pistachio both rich and flavorful with a light creaminess and a thick consistency. 


Up on the first floor is where the meat, cheese and fish can be found. The idea is simple, take the escalators from one floor to the other, visiting the right side of the restaurant and then on the way down, check the left side.  

The third floor is home to the meat restaurant, the wine cellar, the wine bar, champagne and a coffee bar. With that, make sure not to miss the biggest beer selection I've seen to date.

What an amazing place, a space where food, fun and feast meet. Eataly is your first stop when visiting Milan.





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