April 15, 2017

Edible Water Bubble Are Getting Closer

In April 2014 we mentioned about edible water... It seems these water bubbles are becoming more famous. Let's see what's happened since then...

 Bottled water has a lot to answer for in terms of plastic waste, with Americans alone throwing out around 35 billion plastic bottles per year. Skipping rocks lab, the masterminds behind the ooho!, have long since been on a mission to change this. Their edible water bottle prototype first made a splash in 2013, when designboom and LEXUS received it as an entry to the LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2014 competition. now, the ooho! team are turning their invention into a reality, taking to crowdcube to fund the project and hitting their target of £400K within just a few days.

The London-based sustainable packaging start-up want to transfer from simply selling their water bubbles from pop-ups to challenging plastic waste on a global scale, piloting their water bubbles at major sporting events in 2018.

Ooho! is a bubble designed by skipping rocks lab that encircles drinking water within an edible membrane made from from a natural seaweed extract. if you don’t feel like eating it, the flexible, bubble-like packaging biodegrades in just 4-6 weeks, the same time as a piece of fruit. the membrane can be flavored and colored, and can also be used for other liquids such as soft drinks, spirits and cosmetics.

 Skipping rocks lab intend to pilot ooho! at UK events, such as the London marathon, and Glastonbury, the UK’s most famous festival. With a huge 750,000 bottles of water being handed out at the marathon alone, it’s easy to see what an impact the biodegradable bubble will have on plastic waste. the team at skipping rocks lab—made up of chemists, engineers, designers and business advisors–are continuing to pioneer the use of seaweed in other packaging uses, with a mission to become the leading global producer of seaweed-based packaging.


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