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El Rancho: Hotel of the Stars Since 1937
Non-smokers friendly

Two days on the road and 1300 kilometers later, here I was in the city of Gallup, a town in the middle of the United States where temperatures are low. From 40 degrees in the dessert to 10 degrees tonight. Iconic they say, a must stop, and I'm happy I did so. Old like the far west movies, wood, and sculptures, dimmed lights and chandeliers... a smile was drawn on my face.


The El Rancho Hotel is the embodiment of America’s Old West. During its heyday, the El Rancho Hotel was one of the premier hotels in the entire Southwest and became the place for the Hollywood set to stay when filming in the area. During its glory years, the El Rancho was the definition of luxury and included many amenities that were lacking in other typical tourist hotels of the day.

For 50 years, the El Rancho Hotel greeted guests along Route 66 with class and dignity...


Calm... I walked to the reception, booked a room at $128 and awaited to be taken up to the room. The elevator here is the oldest I've seen to date, fully manual with a double secure door; the receptionist has to be with you at all times.

Old indeed but clean and warm. Small room, a super small bathroom, long corridors and a dining area where Mexican music plays. The heart of America indeed to when the Indians were occupying hr lands, typically and traditional food, Mexican employees putting you in an enjoyable mood. 

Exactly like the movies, the cottage house, the high ceiling and the many dimmed chandeliers. A reception on the right and two stairs take to the first floor where a series of photos decorate the walls.

The room is small, made of wood -actually the building is made of wood-, a bed in its heart with a view of the highway and train tracks. It was so cold tonight that I put the air conditioning off and covered myself with the bed sheets. Burgundy/red is the general color around.


The next morning, breakfast is served in the restaurant behind the lobby. Under a low ceiling made of wood and decorated with mini lights, two waitresses take care of customers. The oldest was forty years older than me. Soft music playing in the background I took the menu to have a look. Pancakes which they call cakes, omelet and eggs as well as. Isxuits, tortilla and the house specials. Breakfast burrito, huevos rancheros and a breakfast a la Mexicana.

A breathtaking breakfast: breakfast burrito, a thick fluffy tortilla stuffed with scrambled eggs and potato cubes mixed with beans and served with green chili sauce on the side. A journey where flavor takes you from a place to another while you feel the ingredients tickle your palatal buds.Juicy eggs, fresh potatoes, smooth beans and the sauce, this spicy yet enjoyable sauce that stays around your mouth for so long. That's a learning!


Huevos Rancheros is about a plate of a hundred colors; a flat corn goat Timma topped with sunny side up eggs, spicy chili and cheese served with rice and vegetables. The corn tortilla is so flavorful, even stronger than the eggs, making of this plate an addictive creation, while you enjoy the eggs and the spiciness of the chili... lovely!

Pancakes are not their strong point, but they're good enough. Three thick pancakes served with butter and maple syrup.


I'll surely remember the hotel, enjoyed the experience but will want to eat this breakfast burrito again... happy to have come here.






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