May 23, 2021

Essential Arrangements For A Foodie Road Trip

The humble road trip is becoming more and more popular. In the USA, the NY Post found that 44% of Americans are taking their vacation to the road. In other countries, with international travel restricted, many people are looking to vacation in the same manner. What road trips give food lovers is a unique opportunity to get out and about and engage with the local foods that come together to form a national cuisine – and coming prepared is a must.

A vehicle to suit

Road trips, as the name suggests, are all about the road. Having a vehicle to suit is non-negotiable. As the French tourism authority highlights, a food tour of France could have almost countless stops. That’s a lot of time on the road, and a lot of burden put on to the vehicle. For comfort and for safety, ensure the vehicle you have is suitable for long journeys and carrying lots of luggage. For a family, a mid-sized SUV or truck is likely to do the trick.

Bringing your kit

Not every eatery, or food production place, will have the equipment to seat you. Bringing a folding table and chairs to any place is essential – you can even sit under the rear door of the vehicle if you need protection from the rain, depending on where you head. Bringing cutlery, too, and cleaning products for after, will ensure you’re ready for anything.

Defining an itinerary

Many countries have outstanding differences between even neighboring towns when it comes to cuisine. Italy is a famous example of where the next village or town will have an entirely different food scene to the previous one. Making a proper plan is essential – you can’t intend to fit everything in, and if you do, you might overdo it. Look to make a plan that involves a favorite cuisine on one day, and something new on the next. You may try an alcohol-based tasting on one evening, and prefer something lighter in the afternoon on the next. Planning an itinerary like this will help you to stay fresh, both on the road and off, and enjoy more food over the course of the trip.

Tick those boxes, and you’ll be ready to set out on a foodie trip to remember. It’s important not to overdo it – eating too much can kill your appetite and trouble your capacity to eat on the following days. Following an itinerary and coming prepared will mean you’re ready for whatever you find on the road.

Photo by Samantha Fernandes on Unsplash

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