June 10, 2021

Following the Tennessee Whiskey Trail

Yes, there is a whiskey trail, and your group should follow it. Tennessee, home to Tennessee whiskey, attracts tourists all year along their whiskey trail.

Both whiskey lovers and groups who just love a road trip through the rolling hills of Tennessee will enjoy the scenic and historical whiskey trail. Grab your road maps and a designated driver as we take a look at following the Tennessee whiskey trail.

What Is It Exactly?

You’ve all no doubt heard of Jack Daniel’s—but oh my, there’s much more to Tennessee whiskey. No offense to Jack—old No. 7 is irreplaceable and a priority stop on the whiskey trail for sure. Still, along the whiskey trail, there are 26 whiskey distilleries for your group’s tasting enjoyment. Each distillery offers tours, tastings, and friendly chatter, especially about the proud history of all Tennessee whiskey. Don’t let the large number scare you away. It’s up to all of you how many distilleries to visit and how many days to follow the trail.

The great thing about the trail is everyone will enjoy it, including those who’ve never tasted whiskey. By the end of the trip, you’ll know all about Tennessee whiskey as well as the love and tradition that goes into it—from its roots to how it’s made. The whiskey trail is for history buffs, whiskey lovers, and road-tripping adventurers.

How Long Does It Take?

If a group is determined to enjoy each and every distillery without rushing, plan on two to three weeks of whiskey bliss. For the rest of us, a week of whiskey exploration—including choosing our must-see distilleries—should be plenty of time. Honestly, even a long weekend on the whiskey trail is fun, with just a couple of distillery stops. After all, you’re in Tennessee, tasting whiskey!

Grab Your Passport

Don’t worry, Tennessee only requires a friendly smile to enter their smokey mountain state, but at any of the distilleries, you all can pick up an official “whiskey trail” passport just to make the tour a bit more fun. There’s even an app to install on your phones if you prefer to do it that way. We think the old-fashioned paper one makes a nice keepsake. Fun prizes are awarded for completing the trail tour.

Plan It Out

With so many distilleries, to do a serious trail following requires some planning ahead. Even if your group only chooses a handful of distilleries, having a bit of a plan makes the trip a smooth one. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning.

  • Choose the top “must-see” distilleries.
  • Keep in mind each tour is about 1-1 ½ hours.
  • You’ll be tasting (if you choose) at each distillery, so spread them out and choose a designated driver.
  • Book hotel stays along the way.
  • Plan according to a map, so the group isn’t backtracking too often.

Rather than rush to see many, choose the distilleries which work well with the time you all have. It’s the history lessons at each and meeting new people that make following the Tennessee whiskey trail truly enjoyable.

Life is about making memories, and road trips are the ultimate way to do so. Here’s to seeing the country, one distillery at a time. Cheers!

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