March 05, 2021

How To Host an At-Home Whiskey Tasting

While stuck inside this winter, hosting an at-home whiskey tasting will warm your senses and help you and your guests forget the cold for an evening.

A whiskey tasting isn’t truly about the whiskey. It’s about the gathering of friends, laughter, and togetherness. However, even a casual evening requires some planning. Let’s go over some ideas for how to host an at-home whiskey tasting.

Make a Plan

A tasing isn’t something you can just wing. A well-planned evening will make guests feel welcomed and cared for. Start by choosing your whiskeys of choice. Will the tasting be Irish and American whiskeys only, or will you invite Scotch and bourbons to the party? It may be fun to have one unique selection, such as a Jameson Reserve or another rare whiskey, that your guests may have not yet tasted before.

The choices are limitless, and you can make the tasting whatever you want it to be. Check out your own liquor collection, and use what you have or grab a few new bottles. There are even tasting services that deliver tasting sets to your home. Around three or four varieties will be plenty to avoid leaving your guests overwhelmed—or hungover.


We admit it—these are not completely necessary, but a formal invitation is a nice touch. Looking online or creating something yourself, even through email or text, will set the tone for the upcoming evening. Decide if you want to make the event a bit amusing by requesting formal attire, just to change up evenings at home. Or maybe make it a pajama party! Get creative, and have fun with it. The right invitation will encourage guests to get the date on their calendars and plan around it.

Food and Drink

Obviously, there will be enough whiskey to make the most bibulous drinker blush. However, some guests may not even want to taste the whiskey. Remember, the tasting is a reason to get together. Some will drink, and some will not.

Be sure to offer other cocktail choices and, of course, water and soda. Food needs to be available to help absorb all the alcohol—and because people love to eat. Keep some crackers near the whiskey for cleansing the palate in between tastings. Other than that, you could ask guests to bring a dish to pass or an appetizer for an evening of favorite snacks.

There is no wrong or right way to host an at-home whiskey tasting. Anything that makes friends smile and everyone relax will make for a successful evening.

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