August 06, 2012

Food and White Teeth 109: Lemon

Brushing for 2-4 minutes twice a day is really boring after a period of time. This regular habit to maintain oral hygiene is a must and so, you are used to brushing twice everyday! White teeth, strong gums, no mouth odour or tooth decay makes you feel happy and confident. But, is brushing the only way to clean your teeth?

No! There are many other ways to get white teeth naturally. You either use a fashionable toothbrush or the traditional finger method to clean your teeth. If you are out on a vacation or a small trip and forgot to carry your toothbrush, here is the list of foods than can clean your teeth naturally! And if you want to cleanse your teeth after having some strong smelling food such as garlic or onion, just chew these foods to smell good orally!


The citric acid in lemon makes it an effective remedy to clean your teeth naturally. You can either rub a slice of lemon directly on your teeth or try some home remedies. Lemon not only cleanses your teeth but, this juicy fruit also kills bacteria, prevents tooth decay and controls mouth odour. Lemon has been used since generations to get white teeth naturally.

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