November 23, 2016 Antelias Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Food Engineers: Tasty Food and Less Guilt…
Healthy Treats

A green pizza box and a bag of goodies... I was ready for an interesting tasting session this morning.


Driving through Antelias, I have always been intrigued by a certain logo, the logo of something called “The Food Engineers”! A lovely logo, an interesting name which enticed me to try or call to ask who they were or what they do.

This morning Mrs. Maral from Food Engineers, came into my office for a tasting session. Food Engineers, known as a healthy catering kitchen, is now making pizzas, burgers and kaak alongside a selection of mouth watering desserts. All items are healthy and made with oats.

While browsing the menu, I discovered a selection of oat dough pizzas, light pastas, oat kaak to prevent bloating, wraps, Mexican wraps, salads - a lighter line with an average of 350 calories - and guilt free desserts and drinks.


I had lunch and didn’t feel heavy, bloated or bad… The Pepperoni pizza made with rich tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, fresh mushrooms and beef pepperoni is full of flavor, not to mention its tender dough with a lightly crunchy crust. The four cheese is as good and even better because you can feel and smell the dough... Their pizzas are better than many other pizza places around town.

With that, I was introduced to a selection of desserts, innovative and light. The Turkish delight fingers, the intensely dark chocolate brownie, chocolate oat cookie, corn flakes and Tahinov hats. All their preparations taste good and are low in calories.


I love how the packaging includes all the necessary nutritional details like calorie count, carbohydrates, protein and fat content.

When at work, I now have a new delivery service to call upon, it’s called “The Food Engineers”.

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