February 01, 2016 Romania Europe

French Revolution: The Mouthwatering Eclairs of Bucharest
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Two of my dream places are Un Eclair de Genie in Paris and Maitre Choux in London, places specialized in Eclairs, displayed like pieces of art. Today, in Bucharest, I found a pastry shop selling the same, displayed under a glass counter, beautifully decorated and ready to be devoured.


I've been to dozens of Eclairs shops and believe me this one is in my top10 list.

A small one door shop set on top of two stairs, one display and one fridge for the stock, colorful boxes and a happy person handling them. Many choices, a colored glazing, displayed each next to their description.

Coconut, mango, green lemon, salted caramel, pistachio, dark chocolate, lemon meringue, hazelnuts, orange and ginger, bourbon and many others.

The éclairs made at the French Revolution in Bucharest contain natural Bourbon vanilla and mille-feuille style fondant icing, fine coffee cream, caramel cream, pure pistachio cream, lime cream or even coconut cream. Every day, 100 up to 500éclairs are baked in the French Revolution ovens, all being sold upon order, for locals to relish fresh éclairs. Made of natural ingredients, of the best quality, such as French butter or sweet cream, filled with flavor-infused creams to obtain a stronger and refined taste, the French-inspired éclair reinvented in Romania has the upper hand on the pastry market, despite its high price, which is two times bigger than that of a regular éclair.


Those Eclairs are really good!

  • Loved the bread, loved the filling, enjoyed the light sweetness, perfect creaminess, good flavors and the ingredients that are felt one at a time.
  • Caramel and a long lasting saltiness. A good dough that's not hard and not crunchy but light without being chewy.
  • Oh my! The mango is so good, so flavorful. I felt like biting into a fresh mango from the tropics.
  • Green lemon is enriched with aromas, an eclair which left me with a great impression. The filling is a bit hard, creme patissiere, the dough is great and the zest boost at the end.
  • The dark chocolate! Extraordinary is the least that can be said. Real rich dark chocolate madness. A creamy heart of cocoa with a ganache of dark chocolate. Bravo.


Recommended it is.

Suitable For: Sweet Tooth





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