September 19, 2012 Bickfaya Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Restaurant Fadel in Naas Bickfaya: I am not a Fan!
Fine Dining

Phone Number: +961-4-980979

Address: Naas, Bickfaya, Metn, Lebanon


Price Range: 50-80 $

I have been there a few times and each time I go I leave disappointed. The food is tasteless. I honestly think that they are really stingy in their service and portions served.

How hard is it to mix the right dressing on a Fattouche? Potato fries have no taste, Labneh, Hommos and even my favorite mezze dish, shanklish, has no taste. Isn’t usually the cheese itself in shanklish mix that gives that sharp taste? How did they manage to find even a tasteless piece of cheese. As extra we ordered grilled birds to share. I don’t want to keep complaining but I have to say that I ate pure nothing as they had no taste. How I craved for the birds at Halim. Yum, I can still smell and taste them until today.

Everyone at the table was complaining. The minute the desserts were served, everyone jumped into the plates. Apparently their desserts are better than their food.

What I didn’t like further:

The waiters are not friendly. The place was not full and the waiters were busy standing around doing nothing. They would just put the cans of beverages on the table without opening them. When we asked them to add some lemon to the fattouche, the head waiter got mad and said that the dressing was all at the bottom. He mixed them again and served us… guess what, no taste. I am also surprised that Fadel doesn’t serve the average Lebanese things like cheese rolls (r’a'at), Kebbe and Fatayer…

My kids usually, only eat those things at a Lebanese restaurant. If you have kids, maybe this place is not the best choice to chose. Honestly, the place, although we were sitting outdoors and it was a sunny day, felt really dark. Something was making me feel uncomfortable. I asked them to turn on the lights. It didn’t help much.

I liked:

Well, the black olives. I love olives and they were tasty. I like the set up of Fadel, the fresh air of the mountains.

Fadel is not cheap, especially that we didn’t have too much food and no grilled dishes like kafta, meat or taouk. We paid $120 a couple. I am not sure if this price is average for a Lebanese restaurant, but all I know that I left hungry.

Suitable For: Fine Dining





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