November 04, 2017 CatSkills New York USA Americas

Frozen Rainbow Drive-In, Port Ewen, New York
Non-smokers friendly

Black and white tiles covering the floor, hundreds of posters decorating the walls, red and white leather seats and sofas, a wide menu printed in color, fans coming down from the ceiling, ketchup bottles on the tables and a box of napkins, an open kitchen and Pepsi fridges among hundreds of other items that decorate this traditional old style diner which looks like a restaurant from the seventies. 'Rainbow' for its colors, for ice cream and fun, and the overflowing energy of the interior.


More than a hundred choices of ice cream and soft serve, five pages of food items, they sell close to everything around here.

The food is not bad... served in plastic plates like we do at home, things look simple and unsophisticated. Thinly sliced pastrami in a sandwich with sauerkraut and a Texas burger with spicy chili con carne and melted cheese. Surprisingly good for a diner lost in the middle of nowhere.


One waitress handled everything! The service, the phone calls, the cleaning and the coffee machine! So you’ll have to wait some time for your orders to arrive.



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