October 22, 2020

Gordon Ramsay Brings Burgers to Harrods

A new burger joint from Gordan Ramsay, will be opening in Harrods -  the idea focuses on ‘conventional’ burgers served alongside hand-cut crispy fries, ‘secret sauces’ and thick milkshakes.


Ramsay’s wants to ‘create a billion-dollar eating proposition with plans to open 50 new UK websites. The growth is expected include a major rollout of his Bread Street Kitchen concept​​ throughout the UK as well as outlined intentions to open a 3rd Avenue Pizza.

Ramsay’s present UK portfolio is concentrated within the capital, and likewise consists of numerous singular, high-end eating places such because the three Michelin-starred fine-dining flagship Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea; Petrus in Belgravia; and Fortunate Cat in Mayfair.

Of his international ideas, a second Hell’s Kitchen is opening in Dubai this 12 months (the primary is in Las Vegas); and a Pub and Grill is scheduled to open in Macau this autumn.

A license settlement in France has additionally been renewed for an extra 5 years.

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