April 30, 2015

Labneh To Become More Popular in the UK

Nomadic, an Irish company, is bringing its Labneh to the UK retail market. The company believes that people in the UK are ready to make Labneh a part of their daily lifestyle... The Lebanese style savoury yogurt, as they call it, has been rolled out into supermarkets after being supplied to the restaurant market for 25 years. 


Launching into Tesco’s, Nomadic believes consumers are ready to embrace the taste of this savoury yogurt and make Labneh part of their daily repertoire. Each container carries the promotional label a ‘dip with a difference’ as the brand encourages consumers to enjoy Labneh as its traditionally used with pitta and olive oil, in a similar way to hummus which 41% of households in the UK enjoy.

Alan Cunningham, co-founder of Nomadic said: “This is a really exciting new launch for us as we are bringing something new, yet traditional with lots of heritage to the UK retail trade. “Labneh is as popular as hummus in the Middle East and we want to help consumers understand how versatile it is. Nomadic is bringing something unique to the yogurt aisle because Labneh’s savoury taste and thick texture is ideally suited as a dip which will expand usage occasions for the yogurt fixture.”

Nomadic is born from two existing dairy brands and offers a unique selection for consumers who are increasingly seeking to experience more international and interesting flavours.

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