June 21, 2012

Grown Up Frozen Treats, the New Big Thing!

Adding a grown up twist on frozen treats by mixing them with alcohol? Cool... Pretty soon you'll be seeing these around town - Lebanon is fast at picking up new trends - especially in the hospitality and party scene. The cocktail-inspired popsicle is a way to cool off party-style - the new trend of Popsicle with alcohol has been taking over the social scene in New York City, so why not in Beirut soon. The trend has started at a new hotel in New York... "It's simple — adults like alcohol and people like popsicles," said Alex Joset, marketing manager at the four-month-old hotel Conrad New York on North End Avenue. It just introduced a tempting line up of boozed-up pops at its rooftop bar, the Loopy Doopy Lounge. The $16 popsicles are made with a blend of fruit puree and a matching mixer, then served up in a burgundy glass filled with prosseco and comes  in flavors like watermelon and 10 Cane Rum, White Peach and Hudson Baby Bourbon, and strawberry and Grey Goose citron. Each popsicle is roughly 20 percent alcohol, which along with the prosecco can give eaters a serious buzz.  

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